February 2017


Some people  are just meant to be foster parents!  Patricia is gold!  She is a sweet and kind person who loves her children and has such a great outlook on life.  Her fosters seem to adjust perfectly into the new owner's home   She is amazing!

Thank you Patricia!

April 2017


​April Volunteer Spotlight is on KANDI 🐾
The "Reeves Doghouse" is a special place for our foster dogs and puppies to make their temporary homes! Foster mom Kandi does not shy away from difficult medical or behavioral cases. She's taken everything from dogs with contagious Sarcoptic Mange, to fear biters. She also steps up for volunteer duties, really going above and beyond. Thanks Kandi! Gizmo is presently at the Reeves Doghouse learning how to trust people so he can be adopted.

“Allow the way to your great work to be guided by your service to others.” 
― Mollie Marti

January 2017


This man is such a gentle and kind soul and is  always willing to help with any task to help our animals be safe.   He has transported many animals from shelters to rescues throughout the years.  Driven many miles in his own car many times.

Thank you Todd!

March 2017

Station 710 Salon Team

We were are so LUCKY!  We have an entire team to spotlight! 

​Megan, Chantel, Sarah, Kristen, Heather, Lindsay, Jessica, Jody, Meg, Sarah, Casey and Marcey

​worked believe in the mission of Pet Central Helps and want to change lives.  They celebrated their 15th business anniversary with giving back to a charity and having a Party for a Purpose!  They chose Pet Central Helps and Beautiful Beasts was a hit!  If that wasn't enough, they are fostering a litter of puppies with the help of Megan's father.  Thank you girls and Mike!

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We believe that pets and people belong together; that financial circumstances alone are not reliable indicators of the capacity to love and care for a companion animal.

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